1. How fast is FastCSV?

FastCSV lets you peek at 100,000 initial CSV rows in less than 3 seconds, without waiting for the whole file to load. Comparing with traditional offline software, FastCSV blazes through large CSV files, opening them at least 7 times faster than traditional offline software like Apple Numbers or MS Excel. And forget about waiting around with online tools like Google Sheets – they just can't handle the load!.

2. Who on the earth will use FastCSV ?

Well, anyone wrestling with gigantic CSV files – we're talking gigabytes in size or billions of rows – will find FastCSV a lifesaver. It's the superhero of CSV handling, with SQL-powered magic that works offline, lightning-fast performance, and seamless SQL queries for all your data manipulation needs.

3. Is FastCSV FREE ?

Yes! FastCSV won't cost you a penny. Actually, I haven't figured out how to make money from it yet. But hey, spreading the word or suggesting features you'd pay for would be awesome. I appreciate both!

4. Does FastCSV have ads?

Nope, not a fan of them! Currently, we only use Plausible - No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR for analytics. But if you prefer an ad-free experience (actually, analytic-free experience), or just because you like FastCSV so much, check out the bundled version of FastCSV at Gumroad (I promise to handle your money with care).

5. Can FastCSV handle TSV files?

Yes! FastCSV can handle large TSV files.

6. How I know "things happens on your device" term can be trust ?

Trusting that phrase is like believing you're smart enough to figure it out. You've got this!

7. Can I use FastCSV without an internet connection?

Absolutely! Simply visit FastCSV.com and keep the browser open for future use. Alternatively, you can download FastCSV's bundled version at Gumroad🌝

8. Why did you build FastCSV ? Are you a billionare of time ?

Ha! Nope, just a regular person with a full-time job and a daughter who keeps me busy. But I love tackling problems with tech solutions. FastCSV was born when a teammate mentioned struggling with a massive CSV file – and voila, here we are!

9.Who are you ?

Call me Beast – that's right, seriously!

But if you're looking to connect beyond this digital realm, you can find me at X or drop me an email anytime. Whether you've got questions, feedback, or just want to chat about CSV files (hey, it happens!), I'm here to help. Let's conquer those data challenges together!

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